Marketing & Design : Minneapolis

MAPS Project

Challenge ::

Design a system for their new AidsLine initiative, that has fully staffed phone lines and website chat areas, created to make a safe environment for people seeking information, help and resources for dealing with aids and it’s impact.


Results ::

A very clean look was created with varying fields of red and white to empasize the MAP brand colors, while using typography and the “talk bubble” to show a conversation that can happen with the AidsLine. A friendly defining tagline was created of “Talk, Test, Treat”, a very direct message with very direct results. A QR-code was created to allow quick access to the newly formed website with more information about the project and it’s benefits. Large HIV used to create interest, and floods of color used to follow brand when marketing materials are designed. Different vehicles for carrying out the program messaging was created to support the staff to get the message out to the desired audience.



Program Brand, Tagline, Resource Guide, Bookmarks, Event Bags, Bus Signage and Refrigerator Magnets


Minnesota Aids Project (MAP)

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